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Recently Published

Recently Published

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February 2018

Agricultural Methanogenesis (Alexander N. Hristov)
Environmental Accounting (Jean Louis Weber)
Environmental Impacts of Tropical Soybean and Palm Oil Crops (Kimberly M. Carlson, Rachael D. Garrett)
Surface Irrigation (Luis S. Pereira, José M. Gonçalves)

January 2018

Deliberative Monetary Valuation (Bartosz Bartkowski, Nele Lienhoop), summary
Extinction (Mark V. Barrow)
Rewilding (Jozef Keulartz)
Valuation of Biodiversity (Bartosz Bartkowski), summary

December 2017

Household Air Pollution in Low and Middle Income Countries (Caroline A. Ochieng, Cathryn Tonne, Sotiris Vardoulakis, Jan Semenza)

November 2017

Soil Resources, the Delivery of Ecosystem Services and Value (David A. Robinson, Fiona Seaton, Katrina Sharps, Amy Thomas, Francis Parry Roberts, Martine van der Ploeg, Laurence Jones, Jannes Stolte, Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, Paula Harrison, Bridget Emmett)

October 2017

Organic Farming (Theodore J. K. Radovich)
Pros and Cons of GMO Crop Farming (Rene Van Acker, Motior Rahman, S. Zahra H. Cici)
The Agriculture of Early India (Charlene Murphy, Dorian Q. Fuller)

September 2017

A Historical Perspective of Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction and Public Health (Erin N. Haynes, Lisa McKenzie, Stephanie A. Malin, John W. Cherrie)
Benefit Transfer for Ecosystem Services (Kevin J. Boyle, Christopher F. Parmeter)
Modeling the Impact of Environment on Infectious Diseases (Giovanni Lo Iacono, Gordon L. Nichols)
Subsurface (Tile) Agricultural Drainage (Gary Sands, Srinivasulu Ale, Laura Christianson, Nathan Utt)
The Impacts of Environmental Regulation on the U.S. Economy (Ann E. Ferris, Richard Garbaccio, Alex Marten, Ann Wolverton)
The Life Satisfaction Approach to Environmental Valuation (Christopher Fleming, Christopher Ambrey)


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