Past Updates

Past Updates

March 2017

Cultivation and Environmental Impact of Mushrooms (Shu Ting Chang, Solomon P. Wasser)
Ecosystem Services and Human Health (Elisabet Lindgren, Thomas Elmqvist)
Global and Regional Economic Damages from Climate Change (Anil Markandya, Elena Paglialunga, Valeria Costantini, Giorgia Sforna)
Global Biogeochemical Cycling (Fred Mackenzie, Abraham Lerman)
Hunter-Gatherer Economies in the Old World and New World (Christopher Morgan, Shannon Tushingham, Raven Garvey, Loukas Barton, Robert Bettinger)
Indigenous Polynesian Agriculture in Hawai'i (Noa Kekuewa Lincoln, Peter Vitousek)
Indoor Air Pollution in Developed Countries (Richard Sharpe, Nicholas Osborne, Sotiris Vardoulakis, Sani Dimitroulopoulou), summary
Material and Energy Flow Analysis (Vincent Moreau, Guillaume Massard)
The Environment in Health and Well-Being (George Morris, Patrick Saunders)

February 2017

Ethics of the Zoo (Jozef Keulartz)
From the Plow and Harness to Precision Farming in the North American Great Plains (David E. Clay, Sharon A. Clay, Thomas DeSutter, Cheryl Reese)

January 2017

Biodiversity Loss (Tom Oliver), summary

December 2016

Atmospheric Brown Clouds (Sumit Sharma, Liliana Nunez, Veerabhadran Ramanathan)
Oats and Other Forage Crops (Daren Redfearn), summary

November 2016

Arid Environments (Julie Laity)
Benefits Transfer for Ecosystem Services (Kevin Boyle, Christopher Parmeter), summary
Ecotourism (Giles Jackson, Megan Epler Wood), summary
Life Satisfaction Approach to Environmental Valuation (Christopher Fleming, Christopher Ambrey), summary
Palm and other Oil Crops (Kimberly Carlson), summary
Subsurface ("Tile") Agricultural Drainage (Gary Sands, Laura Christianson, Srinivasulu Ale, Nathan Utt), summary

October 2016

Big Data in Environment and Human Health (Lora Fleming, Niccolò Tempini, Harriet Gordon-Brown, Gordon Nichols, Christophe Sarran, Paolo Vineis, Giovanni Leonardi, Brian Golding, Andy Haines, Anthony Kessel, Virginia Murray, Michael Depledge, Sabina Leonelli), summary
Economics of Low Carbon Agriculture (Dominic Moran, Jorie Knook), summary
Green Water (Garrison Sposito), summary
Risks and Food Safety in a Global Economy (Stephanie Assmann), summary

September 2016

Indoor Air Pollution in Developing Countries (Caroline A. Ochieng, Sotiris Vardoulakis, Cathryn Tonne), summary
Resilience (Carl Folke)
The Environment in Health and Wellbeing (George Morris, Patrick Saunders), summary

August 2016

Air Pollution and Weather Interaction in East Asia (Aijun Ding, Xin Huang, Congbin Fu), summary
Asset Based Approaches for Community Engagement (Katrina Wyatt, Robin Durie, Felicity Thomas), summary
Evolutionary Impacts of Climate Change (Juha Merilä, Ary A. Hoffmann)
Integrated Pest Management (Jesse Eiben), summary
Natural Environments, Health, and Wellbeing (Matilda van den Bosch), summary
Pesticides and Human Health (Pierluigi Cocco)
The Environmental Kuznets Curve (David I. Stern), summary

July 2016

Environmental Geology of Deltas (Enuvie G. Akpokodje), summary
Soil Salinization (Pichu Rengasamy)

June 2016

Biodiversity Hotspots and Conservation Priorities (Peter Kareiva, Isaac Kareiva), summary
Cultivation and Environmental Impact of Mushrooms (Shu Ting Chang, Solomon P. Wasser), summary
Ethics of the Zoo (Jozef Keulartz), summary

May 2016

Cultivation, Improvement, and Environmental Impacts of Tea (Mainaak Mukhopadhyay, Tapan Kumar Mondal), summary
Mineral Dust Cycle (Irina Sokolik)

April 2016

Arid Environments (Julie Laity) (summary)
Atmospheric Brown Clouds (Sumit Sharma, Liliana Nunez, Veerabhadran Ramanathan) (summary)
Ecological Engineering for Mine Waste and Water Management (Margarete Kalin, William N. Wheeler) (summary)
Social and Environmental Implications of Plantation Agriculture in Malaysia and Indonesia (Jean-François Bissonnette, Rodolphe De Koninck) (summary)

March 2016

Ecosystem Services (Leon C. Braat)
Material and Energy Flow Analysis (Vincent Moreau, Guillaume Massard) (summary)

January 2016

Ecosystem Services and Human Health (Elisabet Lindgren, Thomas Elmqvist) (summary)
Environmental Accounting (Jean Louis Weber) (summary)

December 2015

Cultivation and Impact of Wheat (Peter Shewry) (summary)
Risks for Occupational Health Hazards among Solid Waste Workers (Mehrad Bastani, Nurcin Celik, Danielle Coogan) (summary)
The Anthropocene (Jan Zalasiewicz, Colin Waters)
The Early Anthropogenic Hypothesis (William Ruddiman) (summary)
The Oceans and Human Health (Lora Fleming, Michael Depledge, Niall McDonough, Mathew White, Sabine Pahl, Melanie Austen, Anders Goksoyr, Helena Solo-Gabriele, John Stegeman)

October 2015

Sentinel Species of Marine Ecosystems (Maria Cristina Fossi, Cristina Panti) (summary)

September 2015

Rethinking Conflict over Water (Scott M. Moore) (summary)

August 2015

Conservation in the Amazon (Marc Dourojeanni) (summary)

July 2015

Addressing Climate Change through Education (Tamara Shapiro Ledley) (summary)
The Global Water Cycle (Richard G. Lawford, Sushel Unninayar) (summary)

June 2015

Health and Climate Change (Nicholas Watts) (summary)
Quaternary Science (Kenneth Addison) (summary)

April 2015

Ecosystem Management of the Boreal Forest (Timo Kuuluvainen) (summary)
Global-Scale Impact of Human Nitrogen Fixation on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Wim De Vries, Enzai Du, Klaus Butterbach Bahl, Lena Schulte Uebbing, Frank Dentener) (summary)

February 2015